Ministry Publications

1 MoHE Report 2011MOHE download
2 MoHE Report 2012MoHE download
3 MoHE Report 2013MoHE download
4 Book Youth SymposiumMoHE download
5 Student Guide for Colleges of Applied Sciences 2014-2015MOHE download
6 Carriage requirements in the private higher education institutionsMOHE download
7 Guide induction program in Higher Education InstitutionsMOHE download
8 Guide book of the entrepreneurship - creativity and innovationMOHE download
9 Current and intermediate document management procedures manualMOHE download
10 Human Resources Development Department statistics 2014MOHE download
11 Academic programs for institutions of higher education guide 2014 -2015MOHE download
12 MoHE Report 2014MOHE download
13 The Ministry of Higher Education to customers services guide 2015MOHE download
14 Academic Programs in Higher Education Institutions 2015/2016MoHE download
15 Statement of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Shoura Council 2017MoHE download
16 Academic Programs In Private Higher Education Institution 2017/2018MOHE download
17 Student Guide for the academic year 2018/2019MoHE download
18 University Magazine - Second IssueMOHE download
19 academic programs in private higher education institutions 2020/2019MOHE download
20 Organizational guide for student advisory councils 2019MOHE download
21 student Guide 2023/2024MOHERI download