Concept of the educational program (we are Oman)

The educational program "We are Oman" represents a comprehensive annual initiative aimed at higher education institutions, encouraging them to organize a diverse range of activities and events for their students, with active student participation in the planning and execution process.

The primary objective of the program is to foster a sense of national identity, instill pride in Oman's historical and contemporary accomplishments, promote an understanding of the country's fundamental elements, government objectives, and the Oman Vision 2040. Additionally, the program includes various activities related to innovation, creativity, culture, intellect, arts, positive reinforcement, and more. Implementation of the program is scheduled to commence in the academic year 2022/2023.

Targeted Audience:

The intended audience for this educational program includes students enrolled in higher education institutions within the Sultanate of Oman, as well as Omani students pursuing their studies abroad. The program aims to cater to the unique needs and interests of these student populations, providing them with valuable educational experiences and opportunities for growth and development.


Vision & Mission:

Vision: Our vision is to cultivate a generation that takes immense pride in its cultural identity and individuality, while embracing a global perspective with harmony and clarity.

Mission: Our mission is to foster a deep sense of belonging to our homeland, instill a profound pride in its accomplishments, uphold national values and principles, and promote a comprehensive understanding of Oman's vision for 2040. By doing so, we aim to empower every individual to actively contribute towards translating the vision's objectives and goals, thereby paving the way for an ambitious future where active participation is embraced by all.



The “We are Oman” program aims to accomplish several objectives, with the most significant ones being:

1. Promoting the Omani identity, fostering the values of citizenship, and cultivating a sense of pride in the country's accomplishments.

2. Strengthening knowledge of the Omani history to inspire the elements necessary for future development.

3. Contributing to the realization of the goals and directions outlined in Oman Vision 2040.

4. Developing individuals as responsible and engaged citizens, fostering their positive character traits and instilling a sense of civic duty.

5. Equipping students with future-ready skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to keep pace with scientific and technological advancements.

6. Encouraging a culture of creativity and scientific innovation across various domains, including science, industry, society/humanitarianism, and the environment.

7. Activating student participation through meaningful dialogue, attentive listening to their ideas, and providing opportunities for them to express their potential and have their questions addressed.

8. Enhancing cooperation and establishing strategic partnerships between government institutions, the academic sector, and the private sector.

These objectives collectively contribute to the holistic development of students, the advancement of society, and the realization of Oman's long-term vision.