About Scholarships

External and internal scholarships contribute in a significant way to the Sultanate’s economic growth. A major aim of the Oman Government is to ensure that students take programs in areas relevant to the Sultanate’s job market. One way to reach this objective is by offering internal and external scholarships that enable students to pursue higher studies in certain specialisations, albeit at different degree levels, in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within and outside Oman. The aim is to produce graduates who have not only technical competence and knowledge in core disciplines, but also generic skills sought by employers, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, team working and communication skills.

The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Directorate-General of Scholarships consists of four departments as follows:


  • Internal Scholarship Department
  • External Undergraduate Scholarship Department
  • External Postgraduate Scholarship Department
  • Higher Education Services

In this section you will find more information about internal and external scholarships.



Department of Graduate Studies

Is one of the departments under the Directorate General for missions and is composed of three divisions: Division of Arab States - Department of Foreign Countries - Department study in the Sultanate, and the terms of reference circle centered on the following:
Participate in developing policies and plans for graduate studies to meet the needs of the Sultanate of highly qualified professionals scientifically and artistically.
Participate in identifying universities and higher institutes in various countries around the world, which can be for those wishing to complete their studies to join.
facilitate the task of students who wish to conduct field research related to their studies within the Sultanate, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
the direct supervision of the progress of students study in cooperation and coordination with the Cultural Missions abroad or the embassies of the Sultanate.
Organization of the registration process for those wishing to complete their studies through a system of affiliation.
raise the necessary recommendations to the Committee on missions with regard to related topics Balambtosan at the expense of the state such as the extension of the mission or spare change or specialization, university or country of study.

Terms of reference sections of the department

part Arab and foreign countries:

Terms of reference sections are similar to a large extent in terms of procedures and actions that are based out of and in:
Completion of wishing to continue their higher studies in various countries of the world, both of them on scholarships at the expense of the State or studying at their own expense.
open a file for the student after the completion of procedures for the department to accept the institution that will join them and then follow up study.
Coordination with the cultural attaché or cultural officials of the embassies of the Sultanate on the study of these students.
coordination with the embassies of countries within the Sultanate to facilitate the student to get a visa for the country and it is taught that for students studying at foreign countries.
full coordination and direct with the various ministries and other government institutions and private sector institutions for the study of employees who wish to complete their studies and outside the Sultanate.

Department of studying in the Sultanate:

This section shall terminate and complete the proceedings who wish to continue their higher studies in universities and colleges in the Sultanate, according to the following steps:

- Completion of all formalities related to academic and administrative enrollment wishing to continue their higher studies in universities and colleges referred to in coordination between the department and those institutions.

- Open files for those who are admitted to educational institutions mentioned above.

- Follow-up all the issues relevant to students of graduate studies in the Sultanate.

Important Notes

Seeking the Directorate General of missions represented in the Department of Graduate Studies to provide aid and assistance for those wishing to complete their studies within and outside the Sultanate and then facilitate all the procedures related to their studies.

In order from the Department of Graduate Studies to complete the transaction received from the various organs and units of the administrative apparatus of the state and private sector institutions and citizens simultaneously and rapidly, it is hoped that taking into account the following observations:

1. When submitting the application to complete graduate studies either in person (other than employees) or through the employer for employees in both the public and private sectors, it must attach the following documents:
When the nominations for the master's study requires the provision of the following documents:

- Fill out form graduate student + form equation + commitment (from the site of the Ministry)

- A copy of the certificate of high school.

- Out of a BA + transcript, provided that these documents in addition to the high school certified by the competent authorities in the country issued it in addition to the Embassy of the Sultanate in the same country, in the case of the issuance of these certificates from outside the Sultanate.

- A copy of the ID card and passport.

- Two passport photos.

In the case of nomination for the PhD must provide certificates and documents referred to above in addition to a Masters degree and transcript and a copy of the thesis for those wishing to study in Arab countries, provided that such certificates certified if issued outside the Sultanate, as mentioned earlier.

2. In addition to the need to provide the documents referred to in A, B must be attached to accept the candidate graduate from the university they wish to study them both in the Arab or foreign countries, and can these candidates get accepted them from the international information network "Internet" or offices of education services licensed by the Ministry.

3. Acceptance of the need to be referred to in "2" issued by the University to study recommended by the ministry and to be issued in the same academic year in which scholarship the candidate, and candidates can review the graduate department or dial-up on this subject.24340802-24340808-24340804

4. For students on scholarships to study at the expense of the state it is incumbent on them if they wish to extend their mission, cut, change the university, specialization or country of study to their request to the Chamber through cultural attachés or embassies abroad, together with the opinion Sultanate academic supervisor.

5. Need for the application referred to in the "4" to the circuit before a sufficient period (at least two months) to be referred to the Committee on missions that would consider such requests in accordance with the law of the missions, scholarships and study grants.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Study Grant Law

The Ministry of Higher Education issued Scholarships, Fellowships and Study Grants Law to organize the process of emission of Omani students to study abroad. The law includes five main chapters, namely:
  1. Chapter I: Definitions and General Provisions.
  2. Chapter II: Scholarships.
  3. Chapter III: Grants and school holidays.
  4. Chapter IV: Rights and obligations of delegates.
  5. Chapter V: Study grants.

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