American program FAQ

Where will the Omani Students be staying?

From June 4th until June 24th, 2012, the Omani students will be based in Washington and Jefferson Campus ( in Greek Houses (Private homes designed for students).  The ladies and gentlemen will stay in separate houses, but each Omani student will share a room with an American student who is studying Arabic language and culture.  After that both Americans and Omanis will continue their language and cultural activities in Muscat and Salalah from June 25th until July 19th, 2012.

Where will the Omani Students be visiting?

The program will focus on Pittsburgh, named “America’s Most Livable City” by the Economist Magazine ( and National Public Radio (  We will also visit the seat of the American government in Washington, D.C.

What English Class will I be in?

AMEI has created a dynamic tasked-based learning environment.  There are no classes, but rather small tutor groups, helping accomplish group activities, improving skill sets, with occasional large group activities.  It will be enjoyable and highly competitive – which means hard work that pays off in rapid language proficiency progress.

Will I continuing learning English after I return to Oman?

Yes!  After being guests in America, Omani students will continue participating in cultural activities with the American students in Oman as the hosts of their American friends.

Do I need to bring money to America?

Not, necessarily.  Absolutely all your needs will be taken care of in the United States by AMEI.   We will provide all your meals, lodging and transportation needs.  If you have any special health or personal needs, just write it on a list and we will obtain it for you.  You may want to bring money if you like to go shopping to purchase electronics, souvenirs or gifts.