Higher Education Services Offices FAQ's

What the conditions that an applicant should meet to obtain license for establishing a higher education services agency (HESA)?

An applicant should meet the following condition


  • Has to be legally eligible;
  • He – or one of his partners – has to be a holder of a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) as a minimum requirement;
  • Should not  be holder of an previous licensure that had been withdrawn at least one year ago;
  • Should not have been convicted of a crime involving moral/honesty turpitude, or otherwise has been vindicated;
  • He –or any of the partners -  is not an employee of the MoHERI
What are the documents required to obtain a HESA licensure?

Following the competent committee’s approval, the following documents have to be submitted:

  • A letter of bank guarantee of value (3,000 RO) issued by any of the commercial backs operating in Oman. The statement has to be valid throughout the licensure period and it has to be exchangeable up to Ministry’s order.
  • A statement on the Agency location an equipment;
  • Agency’s owner declaration to comply with the provisions of the Bylaws regulating HESAs’ operation. The owner undertakes to provide all documents /information the Ministry may ask for.
What are the fees charged to obtain HESA’ licensure?
  • (50 RO) on the application submission;
  • (100 RO) on collecting the first license or it renewal per two years. Further charges will be announced on the approval of the new Bylaws approval.
What are the procedures to be adopted if the licensure application is rejected?

The applicant has to appeal to the MoHERI Undersecretary within (60) days of the rejection notification. The appeals is processed within (60) days. The expiry of this period without response would indicate the appeals have not been successful.

What are the procedures to be adopted if the licensure application is rejected?

The applicant has to appeal to the MoHERI Undersecretary within (60) days of the rejection notification. The appeals is processed within (60) days. The expiry of this period without response would indicate the appeals have not been successful.

What can the applicant do if they fail to fulfill /submit the procedures and documents following the Committee’s approval?

The approval validity expires (if having no excuse the Committee may accept) and the applicant has to launch a new application.

What are activities an HESA can perform
  • Providing information on HE systems, regulations, instructions, and policies practiced by HEIs along with their fees, programs, and degrees they offer;
  • Assisting students with regard to admission and enrollment in their favorite programmes recognized by the MoHERI. They also assist enrollment in foreign language learning courses;
  • Attesting certificates and documents of students willing to purse the higher education abroad, in collaboration with the relevant embassies and the Sultanate’s cultural attachés abroad;
  • Providing academic and administrative services related to HE researches and studies.
Are foreign institutions and agencies permitted to apply for this activity in Oman?

They are eligible to apply for this activity in cooperation with the existing HESAs or as independent agenesis in accordance with the HESA’s Bylaw and other relevant laws and regulations applicable in Oman, following the Minister’s approval.

The HESAs Office at the MoHERI is in charge of following up and supervising these agencies. Then, what does HESAs Committee stand for?

HESAs Committee is one of the committees formed by MoHERI and includes a number of the directors of offices concerned with HE. It also includes representatives from the Ministry of Commerce& Industry (MoCI) and Ministry of Manpower (MoM). The Committee is in charge of the following:


  • Processing HESAs licensure applications.
  • Reviewing the reports, studies, and recommendations prepared by HESAs Office regarding the Agencies and making appropriate decisions.
  • Considering issues related to the organization of HASEs’ performance and the mechanisms of their development.
What is the MoHERI’s role to maintain rights and commitments rising up by HESAs conduct in case of complaints against these agencies?

Like any other entities operating in the market, HESAs’ perform their duties in accordance with the relevant Bylaws and standards.  The HoHERI role is to assist reconciliation of disputes that may arise between customer students and Agency. Otherwise, the MoHERI takes no further responsibility towards and rights or obligations that may arise in consequence of the Agency’s performing its duties.

What are the commitments imposed on HESAs by the MoHERI?

There are many commitments imposed on the Agencies in accord with the provisions of the relevant Bylaw. These include:


  • Compliance with the effective  educational laws, bylaws, and regulations applicable in the Sultanate;
  • Cooperating with the HEIs and foreign language teaching institutions and incorporating their programs and qualifications recognized by the MoHERI;
  • Collecting the MoHERI’s approval for circulating and distributing advertisements, publications, leaflets, etc. related to HEIs , their programs, wards, and qualifications;
  • Informing the MoHERI of any daft agreements the Agency may like to conclude with HEIs prior to the conclusions of these agreements ;
  • HESAs are not permitted to perform any other activity not authorized by their licensure certificate.
Is it permitted to establish a branch of an existing HESA? What are the conditions to do so?

A branch HESA of an existing Agency can be opened under the same condition of the main branch.

Can the HESA’s licensure be transferred from one owner to another?

Licensure transfer is permitted under the same conditions of the original application.

Are HESAs permitted to arrange with HEIs to hold induction seminars/ presentations for their prospective students and conducting the examinations in the Sultanate?

It is only permitted to organize induction seminars/presentations by HEIs to introduce prospective students to their programs, degrees, and systems so as to enable such students to be aware of them and help them to make right decisions to pursue their undergraduate/ postgraduate studies.

Does the MoHERI specify the fees that HESAs charges for their services?

The MoHERI does not interfere in this issue. Yet, it recommends to these agencies not to exaggerate the stipulation of their fees and to try their best to make them affordable for all people. In this regard, the MoHERI would like to advise students to look for the best Agency that may serve them withy the least expense and best quality. Students are also advised to sign a contract with the Agency they choose so as they maintain their rights throughout the period of their study.  

What should students do of following points if they willing to approach HESAs in search of HE enrollment abroad?

The MoHERI would like to remind


  • They have to make sure that the HESA is authorized by the MoHERI to perform as such. This has to be shown by the licensure certificate that has to be fixed at a prominent place in the office.
  • They need to ensure that the information the HESA provides is true and valid.
  • They have to make sure that the recommended HEI is recognized by the MoHERI. They may refer to the competent MoHERI authority for this purpose.
  • They have to read the Students Service Contract carefully and make sure they understand all its articles, prior to Contract endorsement Also, the student has to keep a copy of the Contract for their personal future reference.
  • Student may like to read the relevant HESAs Bylaw.
  • They have to inform the HESAs Office of any violations an Agency might do.
  • Students are advised not to approach any institution performing higher education services without being authorized by the MoHERI to perform such activities.
  • Prior to departure to their study destination, students have to receive an official letter of admission and seat offering at the intended HEI.


For further information on this Office, please call any of these numbers:

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